Single Seat Volume 2 released

Single Seat Volume 2

Single Seat Wisdom (Volume 2) is a collection of life advice, tips, and strategies from 20 more American fighter pilots and 1 astronaut. Written to guide and inspire the next generation of American heroes, Single Seat Wisdom is an ideal read for business owners, entrepreneurs, students, parents, athletes, coaches, and teams who want to become #1 in any category!

Author and fighter pilot, Dominic Teich, announced the publication of this book that is an addition to the series, “Single Seat Wisdom.” Personal stories from some of the bravest members of the human race are contained in this book, which explores the mindset of fighter jet pilots. The truth comes through with many voices and one-offering: an impactful way for anyone looking to utilise fighter pilot tactical training and combat proven strategies to shake up their lives for the better.

In each chapter, you will read the exciting and emotional stories from the men and women who protect the United States:

  • Michelle “Mace” Curran – Female Air Force Thunderbird with insights on failure
  • Afterburner life lessons for goal achievement
  • Kevin “Tread” Anderson –190 combat missions and a single-seat mindset
  • Strategies to avoid flaming out
  • Patrick “Sled” Reven – Fighter pilot processes to run a profitable business
  • When it is safe to ignore external barriers to your plan
  • Greg “Box” Johnson – Fighter jet test pilot & astronaut (Plan, Execute, Debrief)
  • A brand-NEW way you can design an environment that ensures success
  • Aaron “Ice” Jelinek – Air Force Thunderbird pilot and impact of our closest friends

… Plus 15 more impactful chapters!

100% of the profits support a children’s cancer non-profit.

For more information about the Single Seat Mindset community or to explore “Single Seat Wisdom” in greater depth, follow Dominic “Slice” Teich and the book on social media.

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