Saab introduces surveillance equipment for airports

Saab successfully completed the Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System (A-SMGCS) project for Uljin and Muan airport in South Korea, which oversaw placement of multilateration (MLAT) sensors with Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast (ADS-B) capability.

The introduction of the company’s A-SMGCS and MLAT sensors with ADS-B capability enhances surveillance coverage and tracking capabilities of air traffic movement at and near Uljin Airfield and Muan International Airport.

Aircraft and specially equipped vehicle movements will be accurately identified and tracked as the deployed A-SMCGS is able to fuse and correlate surveillance data with flight plan data from a range of available sources. This will increase situational awareness of air traffic movements in all weather conditions.

The system provides a safety net for the airport by alerting air traffic controllers to potentially unsafe airport conditions such as runway incursions or restriction violations.

“Saab’s technology is enhancing the safety at the airport, in line with Saab’s mission to contribute to keeping people and society safe. Increasing the situational awareness of air traffic movements in all weather conditions is an important safety factor,” said Peter Engberg, Head of Saab’s business unit Traffic Management.

The company’s expertise spans from surveillance radars and sensors, digital air traffic control automation systems and airport collaborative decision making to remote towers. Introducing the company equipment at these airports will enhance overall safety, efficiency and sustainability of air traffic control.

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