LoongUAV latest products at AIRSHOW CHINA

The opening of the 14th China Airshow is coming soon. LoongUAV will bring a variety of cost-effective, efficient, lightweight military drones to debut, including LOONG 4 surveillance drone, LOONG 5 bombing drone, LOONG 1 targeting drone, LOONG 2 reconnaissance drone.

In recent years of local wars and armed conflicts, as an emerging air combat force, drones have highlighted their combat effectiveness. Equipping drones has become an effective means to enhance national defense strength at a lower cost.

There are various types of military drones, which can be divided into reconnaissance drones, combat attack drones, electronic countermeasure drones, decoy drones, target drones, and reconnaissance and striking drones. It can also be divided into large drones, medium drones, light drones, small drones, and micro drones by their size. Large UAVs like combat attack drones from China and USA are very expensive and have low combat efficiency. Certain Iranian UAVs have only a single function and are not recyclable. The cost for single use is more than hundreds of thousands of dollars. Although some Chinese consumer drones are low-priced, the battery life is short and the application scenarios are limited.

This drone has low cost and high cost-effectiveness. It can carry six 60mm or four 82mm mortars, through a simple module installed on shells at a cost of less than $10, the accuracy of the bombs is within 3 meters, the maximum endurance time exceeds 240 minutes, and the maximum flight speed is 80km/h. The VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) technology is used to improve deployment maneuverability and optimize flight performance. With suicide attack capability, it can lock and track dynamic targets for precise strikes. It has strong stealth, is a low-slow and small target, has no heat source, and has a very small radar reflection surface, which can effectively avoid radar monitoring and is not easy to be shot down. And it has the strong anti-interference ability and super battlefield survivability, and the current anti-UAV technology cannot defend against it.

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