Kleos and Ursa Space will combine capabilities

Ursa Space Systems has announced that Kleos Space, a space-powered defence and intelligence technology company will join its Virtual Constellation, the world’s database of satellite imagery from SAR, optical and RF data vendors around the globe.

Kleos intelligence products are available now to provide valuable intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capability to governments and commercial entities. Complementing other intelligence sources the products can be used to improve the detection of illegal and/or hidden activity such as piracy, drug and people smuggling.

The Kleos proprietary technology platform uses signal processing techniques to convert the raw data collected from sneosrs onboard Kleos’ RF data collection satellite constellation, which is designed to collect and downlink RF data accurately or potentially from other sources.

The technology platform performs signal analysis and processing operations to detect and locate targets, cooperative or not. The geospatial intelligence product output from the technology platform (LOCATE) provides the frequency of the detected transmitter, the reception time, the transmitter coordinates and the confidence ellipse parameters.

Under the agreement, Ursa will have access to LOCATE which will enhance its space analytics’ platform. Ursa Space currently holds one of the world’s largest virtual constellation of satellite imagery and data fusion capabilities. Customers can search and order archive imagery and task new images from the network of SAR satellites.

“The addition of the Kleos Space LOCATE product will accelerate our Tip and Cue capabilities by adding a key layer to our data fusion process,” said Eric Cote, Director of Data & Analytic Services at Ursa Space. “Their innovative techniques and corresponding data product will further enhance our monitoring and analysis services, contributing to a seamless and validated analytic result for Ursa’s customers.”

“Ursa Space is a leader in the satellite data analytics market, and we are proud to partner and contribute our RF geo-location intelligence data product to their expansive database of satellite data,” added Eric von Eckartsberg, Chief Revenue Officer of Kleos. “Kleos’ geospatial intelligence product will provide wide area surveillance capabilities covering millions of square kilometers per day to support a range of maritime and land based strategic and operational requirements critical to Ursa Space’s customers.”

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