Freedom Space and OMNI Federal Win Space Force FORGE C2 Contract

Freedom Space Technologies, a subsidiary of ATLAS Space Operations®, has recently announced a new contract with OMNI Federal. This collaboration focuses on upgrading the Future Operationally Resilient Ground Evolution System (FORGE) Command and Control (C2) for the Space Systems Command/Space Sensing Directorate (SSC/SN). The project’s goal is to enhance the current operational capabilities by integrating legacy and future assets into a Space Systems Command-managed Missile Warning ground baseline.

Key areas of this upgrade include Telemetry, Tracking and Commanding, Mission Management, Flight Dynamics, Orbital Services, and Ground Control/Ground Resource Management. The 16-month Phase I of this contract, which started in late 2023, involves Freedom Space deploying advanced software solutions built on ATLAS Space Operations’ innovative Freedom™ software platform. This solution aims to connect the current government systems with a new prototype under development.

T.I. Weintraub, President of Freedom Space, expressed enthusiasm about supporting the Space Force’s transition to a modernized ground station architecture. The company’s proximity to Colorado Springs is seen as advantageous for close collaboration with government clients. Freedom Space’s extensive experience in supporting government missions, including those for the Air Force, NASA, and NOAA, is leveraged to meet Space Force’s evolving needs and challenges.

Nate Moser, Director of Space Programs at Omni Federal, also highlighted the valuable contributions of Freedom Space to the FORGE C2 project, citing their expertise in cloud-based satellite ground stations, dynamic satellite scheduling, and a team of experienced military space professionals. Omni Federal’s innovative and team-focused approach aligns well with Freedom Space’s methodologies, promising a synergistic effort in this venture.

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